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          Structural Formula :CH3CHCLCH2CL
          Molecular Formula:C3H6Cl2
          Physicochemical Property:
          Appearance: colorless liquid.its smell is similar to the smell of chloroform
          Boiling Point :101.3°C
          Relative Density:20°C     1.16
          Refractive Index:20°C     1.43
          Use:uses as chemical reagents and painting material.colour painting , the solvent of resin and wax, the metal degreasing agent, the soil fumigant and insecticide, the medium of chlorination sulfonation reaction as well as the raw materials for producing amine, rubber, pharmaceutical and so on.
          Toxicity and Protection:may stimulate the eye and the mucous membrane, and cause the dermatitis; the high concentration has the inhibitory action to the central nervous system. Also harmful to the liver and the kidney.
          Packing, Storage and Transportation:pack into the plastic iron drum or the iron drum, 250kg per drum. When store and transport, should put to a cool and ventilating place and far away from the fire source. According to the storage and transportation stipulation of the flammable chemicals.


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